Day Eleven- March 13

Day of the frozen feet.

Painting the backdrop. It is a warmer day than it has been but the day is still overcast/rainy/chill. Of course it is also the day I am painting in my socks. The cold is seeping up through the concrete and into my bones. In between layers I am standing in front of the heat vent trying to thaw my feet. Even two layers of wool socks is doing nothing. I told the boss that *when* we move the shop I want radiant floor heating.

But anywho here is the progression of the back wall. It is a very wet and watercolor approach to the painting. All the green areas are intended to have a layer (or more) of painted erosion cloth over them.





Once dry I pulled the staples and rolled it up.

Layout rock and first of the four trees. Oh these f*cking trees.


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