Day Eight- March 8th

I hate Jute. (just so you know)

I finished cutting the jute for tree foliage while wracking my brain to figure out how the hell we are going to pull this off.

I coated the rock with Jaxsan roofing compound to give it some more strength and make the plywood top seem less plywoody.

Paint pattern on floor.
 The designer showed and we played around a bit with options. The final process ended up being extremely uncomplicated and fast. I laid down pieces of the erosion cloth radiating out from the areas where the trees are going to be placed. Then I sprayed a dark green with a hand pump sprayer, keeping away from the outer edges of the cloth to avoid a hard edge. Pick up the cloth and repeat. It idea was to position the cloth as if it were the root structures of the tree along the forest floor, as oppose to just random areas of texture. It really gave a beautiful look to the organic areas. Can I just say that wet jute smells awful. I'll sure I'll elaborate on it later when I'm doing the rest of the erosion cloth for the trees and back wall.



Once I sealed the floor all sorts of subtleties and depth crept through.  Even though I still liked the walk of fame area better before the spray to lighten it, I love the overall look of the floor. And besides, done is my favorite color. ;)





The one thing left to do on the floor is the brass dividers between the types of terrazzo. The paint pens I will be using for this are reactivated by the poly; so to avoid a smeary mess, I'll be lining it in space after installation.

And a Happy Birthday to my little girl. This is the day she turns one year old!

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