Day Seven- March 7th

Wrapping up the floor...or as far as I can without the designer here.
  He wasn't sure where he wanted to go with the next step so I had to wait for him to come in. So I jumped projects and moved onto the rock. Our master carpenter made the rock and did the  bulk of the foam carving. I went in at the end and finessed it all. Then we started gluing on cheesecloth over the foam to give it some more strength. The actors will be climbing all over this rock, not to mention all of the stuff that is going to be rolled on and off stage. I'm looking to make the finish of the rock as indestructible as possible. Oh, and the whole thing has to be in pieces that will fit through a standard door. (Well actually the whole set does. That is the hitch in this load in).

Gluing cheesecloth over the foam on the rock.



When all that was done I started cutting all the erosion cloth that will be hung in strips from the grid to represent the tree foliage. Yeah, this sucked. Horribly.


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