Day Three

Today wasn't as productive as I had hoped it would be, but I did make progress. The real drag on productivity was cutting the second terrazzo stencil as you will see.

Floor is ready for the star stencil.
  Here is what the black terrazzo looks like:

Stencil the pink base for the terrazzo star.
   The stars are on every other tile in a checkerboard pattern. Here is the stencil in place ready to go.

And the first layer of paint

A shot of me painting the stars. The weird white/grey blobs on the floor are plastic lids to mark the tiles that get stars. I didn't trust my sleep deprived brain to get it right on its own.


Unfortunately they did require a second coat.

Cutting the star terrazzo stencil.
   Yes this is insane, but the end product will be the payoff.  If this were being played in one of our larger theaters I'd probably use a spatter method and move on. But this production is in our blackbox theatre and the audience is right on top of the set. Greater attention to detail is required. 

    And still cutting.

    Yep. Still cutting.

By day's end I still hadn't finished the star stencil yet but this is what the floor looks like so far.

Let's hope tomorrow sees more results.

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thepaintedsheep said...

I think that you have the coolest job ever.