Shows past v.1

Still nothing on this front, so I thought I would post some pictures of my past work.

This show is Enchanted April. It was painted in the winter of 2000 for Hartford Stage Company. The designer is Tony Straiges. I worked all over on this show, doing both the floral drop that covers much of the set as well as the floor and the archway. This was my first season at said theatre company. Actually it was my first full time scenic job after collage. My charge artist wasn't scared to give me rather intense or involved projects. These two masking flats below were exclusively my work. It was a chance to work on the same as the large drop with out the pressure of something that would be smack in the middle of the stage. I think I did quite well. I did take part in painting the large main drop as well.

Nothing to report

Nothing really going on in my painting life at the moment. The interview went well, and I should know at month's end. Its too early for any info from the private high school that I paint for. All I know is that the fall show is suppose to be Macbeth. A show I've done several times now.

Only slightly frantic

I'm currently getting my portfolio squared away for an interview later today. Needless to say, I'm nervous as hell. At least I am interviewing with someone I have met before. I haven't really done a face to face interview before. My retail jobs I pretty much showed up and was hired after a few minutes of talking. My other theatre jobs were done through phone interviews.

Looking at my portfolio I really need to be better about taking pictures of my work. Getting a better camera will help. Our little kodak digital just doesn't cut it, especially since it no longer recognizes its memory card. Which means we can only take about 12 pictures before the internal memory is full. I've started looking at new ones. The boy and I are steering towards a SLR camera. With some luck (and an extra job or two) we can get one soon.