How to do a show in 12 days....

alternate title: I need a f*cking drink.

Due to a tight schedule, late designs, illness, and the general adherence to Murphy's Law that goes into building shows we find ourselves with 12 days to build our next mainstage show, Shakespeare in Hollywood. So I figured that would be a fabulous way to jump back into this blog.

Day One:
Stripping paper old paper off.
 After two back to back shows my shop was a mess. I needed to start with new floor paper for this project. One, because it was too torn in spots to be useful, and I had already flipped it. Two, because I really needed to remove evidence of the last two shows to tackle this one with a clear mind. Here is my mess of a shop viewed from my desk. (by the way I have a beautiful, new to me desk)


Layout plastic and then floor Masonite.
   I'm starting with the floor but I need to keep the paper in good condition for the ground row/back wall so I cover the floor with plastic so that the Masonite doesn't become glued down to it. It's a mix of new sheets and ones that were painted only once for the opera this winter.

Prime floor.
Have a near heart attack when designer arrives to confiscate drawings because of non-payment.
Base black for Hollywood stars.
    Ummm...yeah. The designer thing has been cleared up, but there was a moment or two where the whole world stopped. I totally support what he had to do. I myself nearly took a theatre to court this past summer to get payment that was 18 months overdue. But there was the 'oh crap' moment. Then I went back to work after lunch. The floor consists of two organic green forest floor that overlaps onto a Hollywood Walk of Fame area. Very cool. So I'm starting with the Walk of Fame section. Black base.

Clean up from last two shows.
  That or buy new brushes and buckets
Start to lay out terrazzo stencil and star stencil.
  I'm making these out of bogus paper.