Day Nine- March 9th

I started the day by spraying a few more coats of sealer on the floor. While that dried, I continued to goo the rock.
Once it was safe I picked up the floor and labled it on the back as well as on the drawing. There's less chance of screwing it up if you go overboard. Carpenters tend to be notorious for not really paying attention to small differences in the painted finish, and there are a few sections of the floor that could easily be switched around.

I'm thankful I laid down the plastic before the floor went down because it saved a lot of heartache regarding gluing it to the paper. Once it was all cleaned up it was time to layout the fabric for the back wall and starch it.

I went home feeling pretty good that the floor was done and up. Now it was time to make cake pops for my daughter's birthday party.

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