Day Five- March 5th


Good news: it looks like we may have a little more time. Our TD feels that we can push off load-in about a week because it won't take very long to actually get the set up. Hooray!!!

Line between the Walk of Fame tiles.
Pretty self explanatory. I must remember to build a new lining stick this summer. This one is not quite four feet and that gets annoying. 

Touch up the terrazzo on stars. Again self explanatory. I had to fix some areas due to the stencil issue.

Prime out the organic area.
 I had the designer mark out where the edge of the organic forest floor area as my two drawings showed completely different layouts. Then I started with a tinted primer. I rolled up to about a foot from the line. Then I went back and bushed in the rest fading it out, letting the stars walk bleed through.


Start laying in the color of the organic sections.
 Apparently I didn't take pictures of this step. 

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