Day Two

Continue sprays on base.
  I rolled the first layer of black. The next few layers were sprays of varying degrees of inky black to a dark charcoal grey. 

Seal floor.
  I sprayed on sealer to keep from marring the floor as I continued to work on it.

Cut and seal stencil: main terrazzo and star base.
   I made these out of bogus paper and sealed them with Sculpt or Coat. Here is the stencil for the white on black terrazzo.

Stencil main terrazzo.
    I used a small spongy roller to apply the paint. The stencil is significantly smaller than each 4' by 4' tile. I did that for ease of moving the stencil and to allow for variation between the pattern on the tiles. 

Seal the floor.
  Again, another spray to protect what I had done.

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