Day um...Ten- March12

aka...the day I forgot my camera.

This is also the day of strike for Time After Time. I remained at the shop to paint, but I did help unload the trucks when they got here. I also unloaded the surprise lumber delivery.

The back wall is an odd thing in this show. It's sortof a ground row, but one that is nearly 12 feet tall. So it's sort of a wall too. The designer really wanted a seamless look, so what we decided to do was paint a large run of muslin and stretch it over the flats that create the wall in space. Again, because we have to get the whole set into the space through a standard door, this was the easiest way to go.

I used the top row of flats with the hill edge to layout the muslin. Apparently 140" muslin actually means 138", which means we lose some of our edge to wrap. We'll have to trim down the tallest hilltop. Once I had the top of the wall marked, I primed the fabric with a tinted primer.

Then I based it with the yellow ochre base coat. Using vine charcoal, I sketched in the color transitions that I would be painting next.

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