Out out damn spot...

Macbeth is done and is being struck as I write. But here it is:

Macbeth complete 2

Remember the rendering I was given little over a month ago? I'm not sure the branches ever made it up. That is a topic I'd rather avoid discussing. There is always one thing in a show that is irksome and laborious. Those damn branches were it on this one. I have more detailed pictures but they are quite blurry. Love is going to take a few shots before strike today.

Here is the head, the rake and some of the cloud boxes:
Head and rake

Load in looked like this after the first night. We got the tiles on the rake and I sealed them. The eye was hung and the drippy blood installed. I'm still painting the clock. That's the blue blob on the floor.
Macbeth Load in 1

This after the second night. The clock, the arch and the head were installed. The clock is still missing it's numbers and hands in this shot.
Macbeth Load in 2

Here's a picture of the stage right proscenium flats. This is the first time that we have wrapped them to the side walls. The wood paneling there is quite a curse but I refuse to paint it black as has been suggested at times. As I point out, such a thing is easy to paint but a pain in the ass to un-paint as no doubt would be requested.

This is one of my favorite parts of the set...the drippy blood over the front edge of the stage. The stairs were designed to be all red. I felt that looked horrible once I laid in the primer coat. I suggested to the designer that we continue the drippy blood look and she agreed. I think it works quite well
Drippy blood

I'm glad it is done. I'll be painting Macbeth for the University later this season so it seems I can never escape the show. Fitting though. I was in Macbeth when I decided to switch my major from art to theatre.

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. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Wow, that turned out beautifully!