Loading in

Wednesday we started load in, which involves loading all the scenery from the shop into a truck (usually in multiple trips) and taking it to the theatre to assemble on stage. This process also involves a lot of coffee, ibuprofen and swearing.

Here's a few pictures of the process...

Parade Load in 1

Parade Load in 2

It has been fun, tiring and some time frustrating. I've done work that I've not done in years. Most places the scenic doesn't do load in. On the last show I was still painting much of the set. I told the guys flat out that I'd do what I could but I couldn't guarantee that I would know what I was doing. I think I impressed the pants off of some of them with how hard I worked (and my gutter mind). Friday ended with issues regarding the scrim foliage for the tree and a rendering that defies all laws of physics. Tomorrow will be interesting.

Parade Load in 3

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