This is the design for Macbeth.

Macbeth rendering

Fun, no?
The influence are M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, and Magritte.

I am starting with the Eye flat. Since we don't have our lumber yet, I am painting the fabric as I would a drop and then we will glue it to the flat. I tell the tale of our muslin woes on my Gothknits blog. First I draw a box on the floor the size of the muslin and staple it down. I will at some point do a step by step of this process, but not now. Often it isn't smooth and pretty when stapled down.

Wrinkly muslin

That is what starch is for. Just plain old laundry starch. After it is applied and dries you get something that looks like this:
Starched Drop

Then I brushed on a base coat (in this case a pale grey) and the then two sprays of the same color. From there I snapped lines indicating the outer edges of the flat. I also marked some grid lines outside the muslin to help keep everything in the proper proportions. I sketched out the major details; the pupil, the iris, the eyelid and folds.
Drop Primed and Sketched

The little ho-ha in the center is a skully I drew in homage to the original artwork. In our version the pupil will be a hole in the flat.

Skully boy

Then I started painting. I am painting it with pneumatic sprayers (like this and this) to keep the look of the original piece.This is what I had at the end of this stint of painting. I was getting frustrated with it and needed to stop. I also needed some parts to hook up my airbrush to my air supply.
Eye 9-29-07

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