First week

I made it through my first week. Thursday was a frustrating day where it felt like everything was going in slow motion. Friday I got far more accomplished and went home feeling much better. The weekend has been about recovery. My body is so incredibly sore. I nearly forgot how physical this actually is on a daily basis. Plus I've been on physical restrictions lately with the surgery. But I made it. I had to jump right into two separate shows that need to be done yesterday, so its a little harried, but I love it. Once these shows are done I'll have a chance to set up the shop the way I would like it and get into my groove.

Here's a quick and horrible picture of my working space. Once I get it to my liking I'll do a more in depth picture tour. However notice the lack of sink. See the wall on the right??? That is an area rented out to another business and our sink and bathroom is in there. A challenge to say the least. I start my day bringing out a few buckets of water to my area for mixing and tossing used brushes into.

I hope to have a few pictures of what I am painting this week. It's very rush rush right now and pictures are the last thing on my mind. I'm painting by the seat of my pants, samples being a luxury I cannot afford at the moment. Nothing like full scale samples to make the days interesting.

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. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

"Full scale sample!" Yes indeedy.

Is that a dedicated paint space?

Robb says the fact that there's bogus paper on the floor is a very good sign.

I've worked with sinkless spaces. Look at it this way, you probably conserve a lot of water that way. And until you get a sink, you are off the hook for washing rollers, right?