I know I've been horrible about posting here. I've just been so friggin' tired. I got the opera done and out on time. I took a few pictures, merely for the blog. This is nothing that I would put in my portfolio.

Music Shop opera 1

These are the two sides of double sided flats. There were a whole other set of flats that are doorways and bookcases to go with these. The swirly ones are for a dream sequence. What really got me is that when this project was pitched to me it was described as 9 wood-grained flats. Does that look like 9 wood-grained flats to you?!?!?!

Music Shop opera 2

No pictures of Caucasian Chalk Circle yet. Not very exciting scenery....just yucky old wood so I didn't take any process shots. Umber, umber and more umber...not exciting stuff. I'll get some pictures of the whole shebang.

Its funny. I jumped into two shows a little late (it would have been better to start me earlier but hey) and now halfway through the load in period we're pretty much done. I even got out early on Friday. Monday is about cleaning up, re-papering the floor, seeing what I have and organizing it all. Yes the space you saw below is my designated paint area. Lucky there is a paint floor laid in. Plywood and then homasote I believe. I know the homasote is there...can't see below that. X-ray vision is on the fritz. This is a big improvement from what they used to have in this space. Once upon a time they would ram set 1 x 3's to the floor to stretch drops onto.

I'm having to learn what level I need to paint at. This is rather hard to explain. I always try to give my level best, but some places expectations are higher than others. I always try to go the distance at the high school, but then again it's just a high school. I'll give them my LORT B level work if time permits. I'm not saying I'm doing crap work, just not my top shelf stuff. Does that make sense? So I'm trying to see what level I need to be at this job.

Speaking of the high school, Monday is our production meeting for the fall Shakespeare play. We're doing Macbeth. I refuse to refer to it as the "Scottish play". I personally think all the superstition around the play is just crap. But actors are touchy people so last time I was involved in a production (this is my 3rd or 4th go round) we dubbed it MacBubba. And that is what I shall call it. I haven't seen any drawings of it yet.

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You're being too hard on yourself. These are utterly charming.