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I returned from maternity leave with the operas before me. These are designed by my favorite of our regular designers. This year they are performing Dido and Aeneas by Purcell and L'enfant et les Sortileges by Ravel.
This piece is a cut drop merely referred to as the flying disc.

Here is the rendering:

Flying Disc Rendering

I got very excited when I saw this. To me, this is a scenic's dream. In discussions with the designer he said he was going for the color and the texture. That I can work with.

Started out starched and primed.

Flying Disc 1

I snapped out a charcoal grid and drew in where the cutout sections would be:
Flying disc 3

Base coat and redrew the cutout lines so I wouldn't lose them

Flying Disc 5

The next several shots are what it looked like at the end of each day (I was working on another project at the time as well...to be seen in the next post)

Flying Disc 6
Flying Disc 7

Flying Disc 8
Flying Disc 9

Flying Disc 10
Flying Disc 11

With the painting complete, I cut out the drop

Flying Disc 12

Flying Disc 14

Flying Disc Detail 2

Flying Disc Detail 1

The last step was gluing netting to the back to keep it all in place while it hangs. I failed to get a photo of that while in the shop, but I'll snap one when we hang it.

Next post....hideous turquoise marble.

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