Hey I'm alive....and working

I know I fell of the face of the earth for a while but I have a really good excuse. I had this little guy two weeks early on September 5th:

Our little guy

His early arrival was quite unexpected and I wasn't quite wrapped up at work yet. Actually the day I had him I planned on getting everything set up for the person covering me. At least I made my anniversary date on the 4th.

So here's the show I had to abandon:

Carousel. The real problem with this, besides being 9 months pregnant in a very hot shop, were the renderings. This designer relies heavily on PhotoShop, which renders fine detail into a blur of pixels. If the original picture is poor to begin with, then it is just hell.

I started with the cut drop trees. As usual square out a box, staple down the muslin and starch. Here's a great photo of the magic of starch.

Starched and unstarched

I do have to admit I was proud of myself being able to square these out perfectly by myself despite being so very, very pregnant.

End of first day

At the end of the first day I had it drawn out and basic color laid in.

The second day:
Next day

The third day:
Stage right day 3
Stage left day 3

The fourth day:
Stage right day 4
Stage left day 4

All done:
Complete Stage Left
Complete Stage Right

We rolled up the drops to store until closer to load in. They were cut and attached to netting later on (after I went on maternity leave).
It was working on those that I had an epiphiny. Working in my socks while pregnant was killing me. I got the bright idea to get a pair of Crocs to wear on drops. It gives my feet support and is gentle on the fabric. Plus, I can dip them in a bucket to scrub them clean.

Here are the grassy hills:

Ground Row Base

This is how I painted the grass...with an ostrich feather duster.
Feather Duster Grass

Grass first coat

Ground row complete

Small Fence

I did a few other pieces but didn't get pictures. The next, and last thing I worked on was the carousel top. The rendering for this was the worst I think I've ever been handed. It was blurry mess of pixels. I think it was a photo scanned in and colored. I took a lot of artistic license with it out of necessity. Here it is:

Carousel top finished

Carousel top detail

And then the next day I went into labor at 4 am.

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