Happy New Season/Academic Year

Here we are...the beginning of another academic year/season. I know I've let this blog languish, but that was due to lack of time/energy not lack of content.  Last season was hell on wheels. Anytime that you are doing a lot of 8am to 1am shifts, is not a good time. I had written many a post in my head while my hands are busy with a brush. (Still haven't figured how to download from brain to the laptop)
The whole season got away from all of us and for the first time in my employment here, I wanted to quit. Disability doesn't pay enough, so I stuck it out. My break wasn't spent doing work for other theatres or getting ahead on Nutcracker. I did home projects, played with my kids, and even went on a vacation (!!!!). The only work I picked up was some interior painting for a new professor, which was really quite lovely.

I started back here on Aug 10th with a new mindset and a new timesheet system to fight with. (Nearly two weeks in and I've only had to call IT once.) There wasn't much to blog about yet, (how much cleaning do you want to hear about) so I held off. And now I am starting to fling some paint around. I intend to catch up on all the shows since I stopped posting because there are some really fun and beautiful things I worked on. I am still pondering the best way to keep my posts more regular. Having a smartphone will help, (Yes, I finally got my Big Girl phone).

The coming season holds some interesting challenges for us. We are deviating a little from the standard schedule to accomodate the (very large) first show.
Here is what I will be working on:

*Mainstages are fully produced (sets, costumes, etc...and the designers required for all that) with a (paltry) budget. Black boxes have no budget and pull costumes and props (and occasional set pieces) from our stock. Depending on time and how generous my boss is feeling.
Main stages:
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (yes the 8 1/2 hour version)

 Black Boxes:
Small Town Story
Robber Bridegroom
Reefer Madness
Much Ado About Nothing

As you can see, we will have our hands full. More later...my drop is dry enough for the next step.

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Rachel Cutler said...

Nickelby? Um... wow... Metamorphosis could be cool. That was one of my first Black Box shows. Much Ado could be fun pared down. Sounds like an interesting year.