Cave Drop

This project was one I dreaded from the moment I saw the rendering. The drop is based on a picture of a chalkboard full of math/science jargon. My main concern was getting all of that writing onto the drop. I lack a large projection wall.

Here is the drop, starched, and base coated. I think this is the first time I remembered to put the bridges in before stapling it all down. I sprayed and broomed the base coat.

Cave drop base

Then came the gradual sprays

Cave drop spray

Then it came time for the words. I ended up having to draw it all out by hand. I have no clue what I was writing.

CaveDrop Lettering

Then it came to paint...this is the part that really I really had issues with. I wanted to make it look as if it were written with chalk, as opposed to painted with a brush. Sometimes I can get obsessed with a perfectionist detail. I searched for something to use, time and budget working against me. I ended up settling and doing it with a brush.

Painting Cave drop

The colors of the writing fade from strong and bright in the middle to barely readable in the dark edges.

science jargon

The other challenge I found was that the person who wrote on the chalkboard was left-handed. I'm not.

Drop Complete

I don't seem to have a picture of the completely finished drop. The bottom is jagged cut. I did do a bit more painting after this picture adding more chalky smudges and some overall sprays to break up the lettering more.

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